Goals for this Capstone (5)

  • Failure is beneficial for everyone
    • The experiences we learn from failures are priceless
  • Failure has its pros and cons
    • Pros:
      • experience
      • learn
      • growth
      • changing for the better
    • Cons:
      • bad reputation
      • fear
      • unable to try again
      • humiliation
  • Failure helps us learn in ways success may not
    • In an MIT news article they congratulate monkeys only when they do what is right. The monkeys learn that when they succeed they did what was “right” they were rewarded and that stimulated their want to keep being rewarded and kept doing what was right.
      • Link:¬†http://news.mit.edu/2009/successes-0729

**My opinion on the MIT article= great counter argument but why wouldn’t they treat the monkeys who failed with more encouragement. Maybe if they gave rewards to the monkeys who failed, those monkeys would have had better chances after the initial trials.


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