Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset: FAIL BETTER (8)

Nurture is better than Nature

  • Fixed Mindset:
    • Afraid to fail
    • Will not try because they want the easy way out
    • Stunt their intellectual growth
    • Attitude that hard parts/characteristics of life, you are born with and should not even try to go after them
    • Quitter mindset
    • Does not want to put in the hard work
  • Growth Mindset:
    • Explore new opportunities
    • Not afraid to embarrass themselves
    • Outgoing go getters!!
    • This is what you want to have or what you should strive for
    • Listen to constructive criticism
    • Practice makes perfect
    • Brain grows like any other muscle, with practice
  • Goal of video is not to make one type of mindset feel bad, rather it is to try to change the ways of a person with a fixed mindset to see the beauty of having a Growth mindset….growth is improvement and we should always be striving for improvements
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