Motivation Station- Part 2 (Videos) #10

This blog post has 2 videos attached. Sports related again…




Video 1 Highlights

  • Nothing will stop me talks about how we need to deal with what we are given and keep pushing forward because we are unstoppable.
    • Good Quotes:
      • (0:01) “There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind”
      • (0:55) “If you want something out of life, if you want to change yourself….changing your behavior, overcoming negative habits”
      • (1:40) “when you step into your fears, and continue to push yourself and go on, something happens for you”
      • (2:10) “If you don’t develop the courage…”
      • (3:22) “fully determined not to quite…”
      • (3:42) ” there is greatness in you…”
      • (4:06) “Live your life with passion”

Video 2 Highlights

  • I will succeed talks about how determination will lead to success and to get up
    • Good Quotes:
      • (0:15) “I am in charge of my life”
      • (2:05) “I have the ability to grow”
      • (2:10) “I don’t feel obstacles as a challenge”
      • (2:25) “I am not a finished product…see results”

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