Having the Right Mindset (13)

Link: http://mindsetonline.com/changeyourmindset/firststeps/

Take away from this article:

  • Learn to Hear your fixed mindset – questions may arise when faced with adversity… Are you sure you can do it? What if you fail? What will they think of me? I know I can’t do it? People will laugh at me if I fail? ETC!
  • Recognize that you have a choice – how we react to challenges and setbacks is all OUR CHOICE: fixed mindset= give up/ don’t even try; growth mindset= fix your approach, try a new strategy

Growth mindset is our choice: we can either accept our flaws and work with them or we can avoid our flaws and work around them

We need to first recognize our fixed mindset voice…typically we do not have a fixed mindset in every aspect of our lives, but in certain areas.

-We can not let our fixed mindset voice take over – – POINT OF CAPSTONE is to explain or discover how to make our growth mindset dominant and how to shut out our fixed mindsets




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